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Easy Meal Ideas for Large Families or Groups

With Easter just around the corner, we wanted to share a few tips for feeding your family or a large group. From brunch to barbecues to family dinners, this holiday typically gathers a large crowd of both children and adults. Explore these tips for hosting a large group.  

One of the best tips is to plan ahead. Have your guests, including family members, RSVP to your gathering so you know how much food to serve. Whether you are preparing your own recipes, hiring a caterer, or buying pre-made food, you will need an accurate idea of portion sizes and the total amount of food needed. Read our BBQ Serving Guide for expert knowledge on portion sizes for the main dish and complementing sides.  

Another tip is to create a menu. Keep things simple when it comes to feeding a large party. Barbecued or grilled meats are easy to cook, and simple marinades can add a lot of flavor. Sliders made with shredded BBQ chicken or brisket are quick, easy, and exceptionally delicious. You can jazz them up with a delectable sauce or a fancy coleslaw for an added crunch.

Great tasting food takes a while to cook and develop its flavor, especially barbecue (trust us–we’re experts on this). To save time cooking so you’ll be able to invest in quality conversation with your guests, decide what you can order pre-made/catered and what you prefer to cook yourself. Our mail order BBQ tastes great and is perfect for feeding a large crowd.

After devouring a savory meal, a sweet treat is always appreciated. For large parties, we highly recommend making an easy-to-grab and eat dessert such as cookies or brownies. You can start with a simple, plain cookie or brownie recipe and add ingredients (like nuts or fruit) to elevate the taste, or to complement the meal you served.

From our family to yours, we hope you have a wonderful Easter and use these tips for your next family feast or large party.

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