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Meyer's Elgin Sausage Mail Order Gifts
Meyer’s Mail Order Gifts are Perfect for the Holidays!

Do you have friends & family who are just as obsessed with the delectable flavors of BBQ as you are? Give them a gift that will make it their most delicious holiday season yet – give the gift of Meyer’s Elgin Sausage this year! Take a look at our various mail order samplers & product packs below that you can gift to your loved ones (and yourself!) for the holidays.


BBQ Seasoning Sampler 

Perfect for the person who needs some bolder flavors in their life. Our BBQ Seasoning Sampler pack brings home the true flavors of Texas! Adding any of these seasonings to your meats & sides will take them to BBQ Nirvana! This set includes one package each of Meyer’s BBQ Rub, Bean Seasoning, Smokehouse Seasoning, and 3 Mistake Chili Season.


Variety Gift Pack

The Variety Gift Pack is a trifecta of BBQ sauces that will elevate your meats, sides, and everything in between with a boost of flavor. Give all three to one or gift each bottle to a different person to spread your Meyer’s love as far as you can. This pack includes one bottle each of Meyer’s Original BBQ Sauce, Honey Mesquite BBQ sauce, and Spicy BBQ Sauce.


Classic Sampler 

Ideal for the true Texas sausage lover or someone new to the BBQ game, looking to try a variety of real Texas flavor. After all, our sausage didn’t get voted “Best Sausage in the State of Texas” at the State Sausage Championship for nothing. The Classic Sampler is easily a gift you can choose to give to multiple people or treat that special someone with a big ‘ole heap of meat.

The Meyer’s Classic Sampler includes 1 lb. package each of Original, all Beef, Garlic, Tejano, and Jalapeño & Cheese.


Deluxe Sausage Sampler

Take your BBQ sausage game to a whole new level with Meyer’s Deluxe Sausage Sampler! This sampler pack includes everything from the Classic Sampler and adds 1 lb. package of our original summer sausage and jalapeño summer sausage, so it’s ideal for those who like their sausage served hot or cold.


Deluxe Party Pack

Looking to pull out all the stops in gift giving this year? Look no further than our Deluxe Party Pack! Essentially a BBQ meat feat in a single package, the deluxe party pack is sure to please anyone on your gift list who has great taste!

Included in this incredible pack is: approximately 2 lbs. of Meyer’s smoked turkey breast and dried sausage, one stick of original summer sausage, and one stick of jalapeño summer sausage.

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