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The Summer of Sausage

6 Best Sausages For Summertime Grilling

Nothing says summer like throwing some sausages on the grill for a quick, easy, and jaw-droppingly delicious meal!

The sausage is one-third of Texas’ holy trinity of barbecue – brisket and ribs being the other two.

German sausage made its way to Texas by way of German immigrants who settled in Texas in the late 1800’s. For Meyer’s Elgin Sausage, that man was Henry Meyer and the year was 1888. Since then, we’ve kept our recipes close and our family closer ensuring that Meyer’s Sausage Company and Meyer’s Elgin Smokehouse remain a family business. With four generations of meat-head history, we’d like to think we know a thing or two about sausages!

A good German-style sausage has a coarse, meaty grind that is far from the smooth, finely-ground texture of hot dogs. There should be a good dose of smoke from the smokehouse, and the interior should be remarkably juicy but never greasy. Most important is the tension of the casing. It should snap beneath your teeth when you first bite it, a crisp pop that unleashes all the savory richness on to your palate.

That being said, we make some of the best sausage in Texas and we’ll happily go to bat against any other state’s sausages! (Yes, that was a dismissive reference to the other non-Texas states in the union.) So, if you’re looking for a flavorful sausage to spice up your summer, we’ve got 6 that will blow your flip-flops off!

Original Texas Sausage

Original Texas Sausage

This original recipe came with the Meyer family when they emigrated from Germany in the 1880’s. This is an all-pork, mildly seasoned, German farm-style sausage, it won 3rd place at the 1996 Texas Sausage Championship in Hallettsville, Texas, and is the second most popular sausage in the grocery stores. This is what sausage is supposed to taste like!


Beef Texas Sausage

Beef Texas SausageOur all-beef, coarse-ground sausage is a medium spiced sausage that offers a bit more heat than our milder Garlic and Original, but not as spicy as Hot, Tejano, or Jalapeno & Cheese. It’s a summertime favorite at the grocery stores as this is a great sausage for grilling or in recipes that call for a milder smoked sausage.


Garlic Texas Sausage

Garlic Texas SausageOur best-selling sausage in grocery stores. This all pork sausage, mildly seasoned with garlic, is popular from the East coast to the West, with young and old. Our Garlic sausage won the Grand Champion Sausage at the 2008 Long Island, New York People’s Choice Awards against sausage makers from California, Wisconsin, Oregon, Louisiana, Washington and Texas, and won 1st place at the 1996 Texas Sausage Championship in Hallettsville, Texas.


Tejano Texas Sausage

Tejano Texas SausageA wonderful blend of all-pork sausage seasoned with authentic Chorizo seasoning and fresh jalapeños. This Texas twister won 2nd place in the specialty category at a nationwide invitational contest called the People’s Choice awards in Long Island, NY in 2008. Great for breakfast in scrambled eggs or omelets, this sausage really shines as a grilled sausage. We suggest trying it without bbq sauce as the flavor is so unique.


Jalapeño & Cheese Texas Sausage

Jalapeno and Cheese Texas SausageOur newest and hottest sausage is a cheesy kick in the pants! This pork and beef coarse-ground sausage is a perfect blend of spice and flavor. It won 3rd place in the Hot category at the 2008 New York People’s Choice Awards against competitors from California, Wisconsin, Oregon, Louisiana, Washington and Texas. The high heat level is balanced with Meyer’s famous hot spice blend and creamy cheddar cheese. You’re welcome.


Hot Texas Sausage

Hot Texas SausageYou’ll defiantly feel the heat with this one! A coarse-ground sausage made up of 50% beef and 50% pork. This little hottie is wildly popular with our BBQ restaurant customers and features lots of black and red pepper to get your head sweating. Great for the hot palates at your next BBQ. Lots of our customers like to use this in their gumbo, beans, and other recipes that call for smoked sausage.

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