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grilling in winter
Winter Grilling Tips

Just because it has cooled some, it doesn’t mean you have to put your grill away for the winter. There are many advantages to grilling some barbecue such as: cooler temps, no pesky Texas bugs, and a hot piece of meat to warm you up for dinner. Check out these winter grilling tips instead of putting your smoker or BBQ into storage this season.

Whether you grill with charcoal, propane, or wood, check to make sure your fuel source is plentiful. If you use propane, make sure you have plenty because colder temperatures cause this fuel source to be inefficient, and your food can take longer to cook. You’ll also notice that you’ll need more charcoal so have a spare bag ready to go. Last minute trips to the store can be quite annoying when you’re hungry and ready to eat.

You’ll need a place to cook out with plenty of lighting and a good cover in case of rain (or snow in some areas). It gets dark early during the winter months. It can be quite challenging to cook in the dark. You might not be able to tell if you’ve over or undercooked your dinner, and that’s just a shame! If your grill or smoker is an area without outlets for extra lighting, we recommend a headlamp instead of a flashlight because the overhead lighting will help you see better and keep your hands free for cooking.

Unless your backyard or patio is set up with enough space for a grill, we never recommend moving it closer to your house. This is a fire hazard and it’s extremely dangerous. Always use proper precautions when cooking out for your friends and family.

This tip may come secondary to the food, but it’s just as important to dress appropriately. No, we’re not going to tell you to put on a coat, so you don’t catch a cold! We’ll leave that to your mother. However, be mindful of winter clothing that can catch fire in your grill such as scarves, loose hanging sweaters or jackets, and mittens. Dress warmly but also dress safely.

When you’re ready to start your cold weather cookout, check out our favorite winter recipes. Cheers!

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