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meating expectations
BBQ Serving Guide – Meating Expectations

BBQ is not just a Texas tradition, it’s a way of life around here. From family gatherings to parties, weddings, or a simple weeknight meal, barbecue is the main focus. In Texas, it could easily qualify as its own food group. (And based solely on principal, it’d be at the top!) Whether you are throwing a party with 40 people or serving your family of four, knowing how much BBQ to buy or order can be a challenge.

Portions per person can be especially difficult if you’re cooking for a large group or ordering through our BBQ catering service. You don’t want to run out of food because that would be a Texas barbecue travesty, and you don’t want to buy too much and have leftovers that might not get eaten (although we doubt that would ever happen).

To keep portions in perspective, we recommend 1/2 pound to 1/3 of a pound of barbecue meat per person (for example, when we cater with our traditional brisket and sausage plate, we calculate 1/4 pound brisket and 1/4 pound sausage per person). You never know when serving a large group if there are champion eaters whose mere presence is known to set cattle on edge, or petite eaters who just like to nibble here and there (we call these children). If you have children either at a party or at home, one adult serving of meat will be enough for two younger children. Ribs are served bone-in so we recommend a minimum two “bones” per adult. If ribs are all you are serving, you might want to double that serving recommendation. To be honest, if we sat down to eat some ribs and were only given two we’d have to assume you’re not from around here.

Side dishes should also be a consideration when you’re planning on serving BBQ. For large parties, you should expect each guest to eat one cup of each side. If you are planning dinner for your family, you’ll know typically how much you and your kids will eat which may be half a cup of each side. We sell our side orders in 4- and 8-ounce portions for individuals. For smaller family orders, parties, or catering we also offer pints, quarts, and gallons. For large catering orders, a gallon side order will serve around 25 people…or just that one uncle who insists on being called Tater Salad. (And we don’t mean Ron White.)

If you live in and around Elgin, TX, we’d love to welcome you to our restaurant to dine-in or pick up food to-go for your whole family. We also have a catering and delivery service for large offsite parties. You can find all of our delicious flavors of Meyer’s Elgin sausage around the nation in a number of retail stores. We hope you find this serving guide helpful no matter where you plan on serving your BBQ.

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